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Researcher says he found a crashed triangle-shaped UFO in photo of Moon’s Ryder crater.

Triangle-shaped UFO object located in the Moon

Ryder crater is a notable crater on the far side of the Moon – the side that always faces away from Earth. It remained unobserved until 1959 when an orbiting Russian space probe first photographed it. It has never been explored by human life. Yesterday an observant viewer found an interesting anomaly in a NASA photograph of the 10-mile-wide crater – what appears to be a partially-buried triangle-shaped UFO.

The unusually shaped object was found by “Streetcap1”. In the photo above, you can see a clearly defined triangle-shaped object with a slightly rounded dome in the center. The perfectly symmetrical object juts from the moon’s surface at a slight angle.  Below is a full-size photo of the area where the object is located – arrow indicates the unusual find.

Arrow shows location of triangle-shaped UFO object located in the Moon's Ryder crater
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