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Three-mile tall “artificial spire” structure discovered on the surface of Moon – alien communication antenna, surveillance device, or just a stupid rock?

Moon Spire on surface of Moon

Little is known about the 3 ½ mile high “moon spire” captured in hi-res photography of the Moon’s surface (see photo above). Possibilities include optical illusion, gas plume, natural geologic formation – and alien structure. The inexplicable structure, discovered by a Mexican NASA fan last week, is not the first unusual high-rising structure to be discovered on the Moon’s surface.

The Moon Spire, estimated to be 3.6 miles tall, was discovered by YouTube’s Mexicogeek as he was poring through Google Moon photography. The object looks oddly like an artificial antenna – slender, smooth, uniform base with a large round object on top. Ruling out natural geological formation seems reasonable (it defies all current geological models) and the height and width of the tower-like structure seem to discount a giant gas plume from an outgassing event. An optical illusion is a valid possibility except – other similar structures have been discovered on the Moon’s surface and photographed in profile (i.e. from the side).

The structure below is known as “the Shard”. It was captured in a photo taken by Lunar Orbiter LO-III in 1967 and stands near the Bruce crater. Seen in profile, the irregular, spindly-shaped object is estimated to be more than a mile tall. Analysis of the photo suggests the object consists of a highly reflective material, an almost glass-like substance. Ice crystals were suggested but discounted when it was determined that each crystal would be the size of a city block. To date, scientists have been unable to explain the object.

The Shard photographed from Lunar Orbiter LO-III
Closeup of the Shard - photographed in 1967 from the Lunar Orbiter LO-III

Although the Shard’s irregular surface may lead some to believe it is a natural formation of some sort, a frame from an Apollo 10 video (Frame As10-32-4822) captured something even more inexplicable. Known today as The Castle (or Hoagland’s Castle), this object resembles a huge, multi-columned artificial structure – except it is over 9 miles tall!

The Castle (or Hoagland's Castle) frame from Apollo 10 video

Theories regarding the potential purpose of the Moon Spire structure vary. Some believe it is an ancient alien artifact from a former civilization that colonized the moon thousands of years ago (possibly before colonizing Earth?). Others believe it could be some sort of docking station, communication antenna (alien or manmade), or possibly an advanced surveillance device. And some believe it’s just a stupid rock. Whatever it is, it stands amongst other unexplained high-rise anomalies found on the surface of our nearest neighbor.Moon Spire - 3 ½ mile tall “artificial spire” found on the surface of the Moon

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