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Fish with what looks like human feet (including five toes) caught off the Caribbean coast by a 74-year-old local fisherman.

Fish with human feet from Caribbean coast

The aquatic horror pictured above was caught off the coast of Windward, on the Island of Carriacou in the Caribbean by 74-year-old fisherman, Hope McLawrence. According to McLawrence:

“This has shocked me to a considerable extent since I never thought that a creature like this even existed, much less in the harbor of these shallow, friendly waters!”

McLawrence said the fish has two feet with toes, no fins, and “a perfect human nose above its mouth” (sorry, no picture of the fish’s “human nose” could be found). Our best guess right now is a frogfish, a predator known to eat just about anything it can fit into its mouth. Still, I won’t rule out nuclear-tainted, biological freak of some unknown species. Very weird.

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