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Why has news regarding the building of Third Temple (to be revealed on August 19, 2016) prompting fears of an apocalypse?

Jewish protesters with Israeli flags protesting in front of the Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount

The timing for such a revelation seems feasible, maybe even probable. Just two weeks ago, the 13-year-old daughter of prominent Temple activist Amihai Ariel, was stabbed to death near Hebron. In response, Ariel and 200 Jews gathered defiantly near the Muslim entrance to Temple Mount and with Muslims watching in disbelief, performed a “powerful Temple ritual”. Witnesses say that Amihai recited a “coded prayer” blessing the Temple site – even with Muslim soldiers standing by to ensure sacred rules of Islam, including non-Islamic prayer, were not violated. The defiance of Muslim religious authority over the sacred site was shocking (and may result in Amihai being permanently banned from the site).

Model rendering showing the Third Temple standing atop Temple Mount in JerusalemJews and Gentiles alike point to biblical verses prophesying the building of a Third Temple in Jerusalem. Given that the prophecy foresees world-changing apocalyptic events following the construction of the Third Temple, and that the site of the temple (Temple Mount) is currently occupied by Muslims (Dome of the Rock), such an endeavor would produce a profound impact across the planet – and likely global apocalyptic wars. This week a Bible Code expert, Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, revealed that news regarding the Third Temple would arrive on Friday, August 19, 2016.

Amihai’s desecration of the Muslim holy site was followed less than two weeks later with the release of a new Bible Code translated from notable Bible Code expert Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson. The rabbi revealed that the newly decoded message says:

“The Temple will come down to Jerusalem. God will inform on the 19th of August.”

Israeli news sources say this does not necessarily mean construction of the Temple will begin on August 19 nor that the Third Temple will descend to earth from heaven on that day but rather, that some significant news event regarding the construction of the Third Temple will take place on Friday, August 19, 2016.

Many Jews and Christians believe the restoration of a great Temple atop Temple Mount signals the “beginning of the end times”. You can check out this site for a detailed explanation of the previous temples built on Temple Mount, the prophesied construction of the Third Temple, and its significance to biblical prophecy regarding End Times events.  Scary stuff.

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