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Workers ask – why are ghostly barefoot footprints appearing in our retail store overnight?

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Workers at a small retail store say they are puzzled over mysterious barefoot footprints that continue to appear on the floors of their store overnight. The footprints appear as black, somewhat greasy prints and vary in size – sometimes adult-sized and other times as small as a tiny child.

Typically, the footprints appear overnight but cashiers have reported hearing footsteps during the day and finding children’s footprints behind the register area (where nobody but store cashiers can enter). Most of the time, the prints are nothing more than a single print in the middle of the room or a random scattering of prints throughout the store. Other times, however, the prints seem to disappear into the store’s walls.

Of course, the most likely explanation would seem to be nighttime intruders raiding the store, but owners say nothing has been stolen and CCTV camera footage recorded nobody inside or entering/leaving the store overnight.  A worker explained:

“The entire store is covered with CCTV cameras on all the entrances and aisles of the store. The cameras record when motion is detected in the area. After going through the footage, nothing has shown up.”

Seeking a cause for the baffling appearance of footprints, store managers have walked the store before locking up, purposefully looking for prints – then opened the store the following morning to find fresh sets of bare foot footprints distributed throughout the store.

Researchers have proposed that the store may lay along spirit lines (aka ley lines), the inexplicable, invisible energy lines that crisscross the earth, seemingly aligning with notable historical and geographical places. Some paranormal researchers have proposed that these lines represent “breaks” in our earthy dimension and potentially allow unexplainable phenomena, such as ghostly apparitions, to appear in our world.

Why are ghostly barefoot footprints appearing in this small retail store overnight?
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