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Could aliens be permanently orbiting the Sun, harvesting its energy?

Photo showing an unusual object (UFO) travelling away from the Sun

Pictures of solar flares are remarkably fascinating – and common. NASA publishes new pictures of solar flares on a near-weekly basis. However, researchers have taken a closer look at the pictures and discovered something unusual – an object which looks oddly solid that seems to be orbiting around the Sun, just outside its transition region. Some are claiming the object is intelligently controlled, possibly for the purpose of harvesting the Sun’s energy.

The object was spotted this week in images sent back from the Solar Heliospheric Observatory. The same object was reported by Russian scientists seven years ago and a similar object was seen orbiting Europa (Jupiter’s moon). In most cases, the object appears as a straight “line” composed of many smaller objects joined together but occasionally it appears to bend into a V-shape.  The purpose of an intelligently controlled object orbiting around the Sun is theorized to be the harvesting of the star’s heavy elements which could be used to fuel advanced propulsion systems.

Check out photos of these objects orbiting the Sun in the two pictorial galleries below.

This first gallery shows various photos showing the object as it moves around the Sun.

In this gallery, the object can be seen in various positions around the Sun hinting that it may be orbiting or intelligently positioned at various places around the star.

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