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Glowing cross and angel with wings light pillars captured in sky photos at two different locations.

Sun pillar forms glowing yellow cross in Michigan skies

Lots are going on in the skies this week. First, we had the robot walking on clouds and then the bizarre light pillars that projected a map of the city in the night sky. Now this week we have two separate sky illusion events that both occurred on the same day but in two different locations – and both had religious connotations.

Michael Loraff posted a beautiful yellow, glowing cross in the sky above Buchanan, Michigan on January 13. The same day, Amy Langley snapped a photo of a winged angel in the skies above the island of Kauai, Hawaii. In Langley’s case, however, she believes the illusion is the result of camera lens flare and not a sun pillar.

Keep your eyes to the skies folks – it’s shaping up to be a busy year!

Glowing winged angel photographed in Kauai, Hawaii
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