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Bizarre, mysterious clouds of white foam descend from sky to cover ground in Morocco

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A strange white substance resembling thick foam clouds settled across the coastal region of Doukkala, Morocco this week. The most likely explanation would seem to be sea foam or possibly sewer foam except (1) the substance appears much lighter than sea foam and (2) witnesses say the foam fell from the sky!

The video below, which features large blobs of the foam blowing around in an area covered with the strange stuff, was shot by a man who was brave enough to move through the unknown substance. At first the man says he thought they were clouds that had descended to the ground.

“I have never seen clouds fall down to the ground. It is strange.”

Of course, clouds cannot plunge from the sky and settle on the ground like that (actually they do, but we call it “fog”).

The event comes only a few weeks after people across the region reported hearing “strange noises” in the sky (according to those who heard it, the noise sounded like a plane taking off except it roared for more than three hours).

Explanations proposed thus far include runoff from a failed geoengineering event, an airborne chemtrail from an inexplicable engine source, or possibly some sort of artificial substance created to resemble clouds (for reasons unknown).

Check out snippets from the video below.

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