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Pentagon admits running top-secret UFO investigation program since 2007 – and UAP evidence they uncovered is stunning

Cockpit video frame from Navy F-18 fighter that chased UFO over Pacific Ocean near San Diego thumb

The time may be upon us – the long-awaited momentous day the US government admits the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life. This week, two major UFO-related announcements left us stunned and excited. On December 16, 2017, the New York Times revealed a previously unknown secret Pentagon study of UFOs that has been running under the radar since 2007. This was quickly followed by a stunning military video from the Pentagon documenting two American fighter pilots tracking a UFO in American airspace over San Diego.  Many are calling the video the best UFO evidence to date.

Pentagon reveals secret $22 Million UFO program

At a cost of $22 million/annually in black money, it was officially classified in the budget as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. But this wasn’t a program for the development of anti-aircraft missiles nor a program to develop sophisticated military satellite technology. It was (and is) a study of UFOs.

Luis Elizondo - led the Pentagon UFO program from 2007 through 2012
Pentagon aerial

According to the Pentagon, the AATIP program was started in 2007 and guided by military intelligence agent Luis Elizondo. Located deep within the Pentagon’s C Ring, the shadowy program is a modern-day X-Files, tasked with studying a multitude of UFO reports gathered from across the world – at least until 2012 when the Pentagon says it was shut down. However, according to Elizondo, operations were not shut down and in fact, continue today with assistance from the Pentagon, Navy, and the CIA.

AATIP birth and operations

The AATIP program began funding in 2007 at the request of Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat and Senate majority leader (at the time the program began) with assistance from former senators Ted Stevens (died in 2010) and Daniel K. Inouye (died in 2012). Senator Ted Stevens was particularly enthusiastic about the new Pentagon project.  When discussing the program rollout with officials, Stevens acknowledged for the first time that while flying in the Army’s air force, he himself had been tailed by a “strange aircraft with no known origin” which followed his plane for many miles.

Much of the program’s money went to Robert Bigelow, the billionaire entrepreneur who famously told CBS’s 60 Minutes he was “absolutely convinced” that UFOs have visited Earth.  Bigelow has long held a serious fascination for UFO and otherworldly phenomena and is the owner and operator of the mysterious Skinwalker Ranch.  According to Pentagon officials, under Bigelow Aerospace, modified buildings were purchased in Las Vegas and used for storage of metal and other unknown materials that had been recovered from crashed UAP vehicles. The program also conducted extensive interviews and examinations of witnesses who claimed to have come into contact with UFOs or their occupants.

By 2009, after the department had been in operation for two years, Senate majority leader Harry Reid believed the program had made extraordinary discoveries and argued for heightened security to protect its valuable intel.  He told congressional members:

“Much progress has been made with the identification of several highly sensitive, unconventional aerospace-related findings.”

That year, a Pentagon briefing summarized the program and asserted that “what was considered science fiction is now science fact.” The summary, prepared by the director AATIP, warned Congress that the “United States was incapable of defending itself against some of the technologies discovered”.

Elizondo resigned in October 2017 to protest what he characterized as excessive secrecy and refuses to reveal the name of his successor.  The AATIP department remained secret until December 2017 when Pentagon officials acknowledged its existence in response to questions from the New York Times.

The 2014 San Diego military UFO intercept

As evidence of the program’s importance, officials showed reporters a stunning video that documents a UFO encounter between two Navy F/A-18F fighter jets and a UAP. The object was described as “commercial-aircraft size”, surrounded by a glowing aura and travelling at a high rate of speed. According to pilots, the unidentified craft had no plumes, wings, or rotors and outpaced their F-18s by several factors. They added it was big and powerful enough to “churn the sea 50 feet below it”.

The mysterious object was first detected about 100 miles out in the Pacific Ocean at 80,000 feet by the USS Princeton, a Naval cruiser that had been tracking mysterious aircraft in the area for two weeks. Although officials refused to release the date and location the video was shot, it is believed to have been recorded in 2014 off the coast of San Diego. In the audio from the encounter, we hear the pilots trying to understand what they are seeing.

Pilot 2: There’s a whole fleet of them. Look on the S.A.

Pilot 1: My gosh.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada

Pilot 2: They are all going against the wind.

Pilot 2: The wind is 120 knots to the west.

Pilot 1: Look at that thing, bro.

Pilot 2: That’s not a [unclear] is it?

Pilot 1: Look at that thing!

Pilot 2: It’s rotating!

According to Elizondo, the fighter pilots’ encounter is not that unusual.  He noted that:

“Research went into trying to identify their strange means of propulsion, their phenomenal aerodynamics which represent nothing on the face of this earth by any country. No one knows what they are to this day.”

Researchers who resigned in protest vow to continue UFO/UAP studies

Luis Elizondo, engineer Harold E. Puthoff, and former Defense Department official, Christopher K. Mellon, have started a new commercial venture called To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science that aims to conduct deeper research into the UFO/UAP phenomena in a more open, less secretive setting.

2014 San Diego F18 UFO intercept over San Diego – the Gimbal Video

Below is the military cockpit video shot during the 2014 San Diego encounter between F-18 Navy jets and an unknown object over the Pacific Ocean near San Diego.  Post-processing has been added at the end of the video to include magnified views and slower speeds.

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