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Guildford Ghost photograph remains one of the most convincing ghost pictures in history. Ethereal spirit of trick of light?

Guildford Ghost photograph

The Guildford Ghost Photograph

Guildford, located in the United Kingdom, is considered to be one of the most haunted places on earth.  Visit the town center any night of the week and you’ll find several “ghost tours” where locals will take you on a walk about the city while pointing out the many haunted locations scattered throughout the town.  Don’t dismiss their stories too fast – there is evidence that bolsters their claims.

Guildford has produced one of the most convincing pieces of ghostly evidence in history – a picture that has confounded experts.  The general consensus is that the picture is real and untouched.  Amateur photographer, Mark Baker, 37, who took the picture, has no idea what the figure is and insists that the picture has not been altered in any way.

“It was not until I got home and was downloading, I noticed it. The black specks are dirt on the windscreen of my van, but the image is way past that.”

The ghostly spectral photo was taken at the Mount, which is the highest point to be seen from Guildford town center and is where the town’s executions used to be carried out in view of High Street. Halfway up the hill is the Mount Cemetery, where Alice in Wonderland author, Lewis Carroll, is buried.  Day or night, it is a spooky place.

As for the photograph’s authenticity, a local paranormal expert commented on the photo:

“I do not think it is fake. It is not the sort of photo I was expecting, almost always they are illuminated bits of dust on the flash – this is something very different. I am stuck for words on this one – these images have caused quite a stir amongst my team. We are actually convincing ourselves that this could be genuine, a real ghost.”

Other Hauntings in Guildford

Angel Posting House and Livery

Angel Posting house Guildford 91 High Street, Guildford GU1 3DP England

Other hauntings around Guildford include the Angel Posting House and Livery.  The Angel Hotel stands on the site of the old Whitefriars Monastery. The hostel was originally a ‘Posting House’ where coaches could rest or exchange their horses between London and the Naval base of Portsmouth. Built in 1527 and located on High Street, the Angel Hotel is reported to be haunted by several ghostly manifestations including a mustached 19th century Eastern European soldier who prefers hanging about in Room 1 and a spectral nun often seen lingering on the hotel’s staircase.  Ghostly seamen apparitions are a commonly reported phenomena too, which is not to be unexpected – the hotel was built using ancient timbers from wrecked sea ships.  Hotel visitors commonly report knockings, footsteps, and lights switching on and off in their rooms.

Silent Pool

Silent Pool is nestled in Surrey Hills and is a well-known spot for outdoor lovers. It is near here that Agatha Christie’s car was discovered when she mysteriously disappeared only to return with no memory of the event. Legend says a young girl drowned in the waters trying to escape a nobleman on horseback who made unwanted passes at her. The nobleman realized the girl had drown and fled, leaving behind his hat which bore the royal crest. The ghost of the woodcutter’s ill-fated daughter is said to be seen at midnight, dressed in virginal white, floating over the surface of the water

Monsoon clothes shop (Guildford House of Corrections)

Also on High Street is the Monsoon clothes shop, a building that was once a part of the Guildford House of Corrections – a notorious prison.  Ghost sightings are reported to be common in the building’s cellar and on the first floor.

Guildford Castle

At Guildford Castle, a woman in Victorian period dress has been glimpsed strolling around the grounds. And within the old stone keep, which dates from the Henry I era, a ghostly woman has been seen standing at the top of the staircase. More recently, a witness reported that they saw a man hanging by chains attached to the castle wall.

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Angel Posting house Guildford 91 High Street, Guildford GU1 3DP England via Tripadvisor
Guildford Ghost photograph via Altered Dimensions by Mark Baker

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Guildford Ghost photograph via Altered Dimensions by Mark Baker


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