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Here we go again… Woman says alien baby corpse (Aleshenka) found in Russia in 1996 disappeared after being taken by scientists for “research”.

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I recently wrote (hesitantly) about Dr. Steven M. Greer’s claim of finding an 18-inch “being” that he claims to be alien in origin.  Given Dr. Greer’s “credibility” in the past, we suspect this to be a hoax or is simply some sort of disfigured human fetus skeleton that our good doctor played up for publicity.  It got a bit more interesting today however, when we found that a nearly identical skeleton was discovered in Russia in 1996.

The Russian version of the story goes like this. The corpse (aka the “Kyshtym Midget”) was reportedly found by an elderly woman in the southern Ural Mountain region of Kyshtym and measures about 20 inches (two inches longer than the South American specimen).  It was said to have been found under similar circumstances (both the South American and Russian specimens were alleged to have emerged from egg-shaped UFOs).

According to Russian news outlets (or hoaxers if you believe the news reel below is not legit), the being emerged from the craft alive and was taken by the Russian women (Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina) into her home.  Within days of the find, Tamara was committed to a psychiatric hospital.  Shortly thereafter, Tamara was killed in an automobile accident while attempting to escape the hospital.  The creature, which she named Aleshenka, remained alive for three weeks before succumbing to Earth’s alien environment.

At least three people were said to have witnessed the tiny alien being while it was alive and many more saw it after its death.  The alien corpse was eventually taken by Russian scientists to study.  According to the woman’s family, the corpse has never been returned and subsequent queries to authorities revealed the infant alien corpse had been “lost”.

Below is a video from a Russian TV station, said to be a news report, about the find. Hoax or not, it would sure make a great movie.

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