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Several independent witnesses reporting a slow moving, silent triangular UFO flying over the town of Amherst, Mass.

Downtown Amherst, Massachusetts

The residents of Amherst, Massachusetts are baffled by what several separate witnesses described as a roughly diamond-shaped or triangular UFO spotted travelling over the town on the night of January 8, 2013, between 5:00 and 7:00 PM.  Witnesses’ reports describe a triangular object that was about 30-40 foot long and lit with dim white lights.  The object hovered low over the ground and moved slowly, and silently in an area of town where a large solar array is scheduled to be installed.

One witness reported:

“You could not miss it even while driving, it was that large and close to the ground. It dipped behind the trees, at which point [we] lost sight of it.”

Another witnesses reported:

“I also saw this thing in the sky, with at least four bright lights in front as I walked up my driveway sometime around 6.00p.m. on 1/8.  It showed up right above the trees at the end of my neighbor’s yard, about two hundred yards from where I was, flying very low and very slow, making no sound at all. I was wondering if it was a plane about to land/crash somewhere nearby. After about 10, 15 seconds it disappeared behind another set of trees.”

While still another Amherst resident reported:

“I was driving home from work in CT at 1 am on 202 in Pelham when I saw a bright white orb half the size of my car. It came from above the trees and went probably 10ft. over my car’s hood, kinda drove under it. I have never seen anything like it and it freaked me out.  Don’t really know what it was. I took off as fast as I could.”

Witnesses say a number of cars pulled to the side of the road to watch the mysterious object as it moved overhead.  This sighting follows previous reports of a similar triangular object in the same area.

For example, after hearing the news of Tuesday’s UFO, a witness came forward saying:

“I live about half a mile from where this sighting occurred. About a year ago my girlfriend said she was in my backyard taking the dog out when she saw a triangular shaped silent craft fly overhead which had bright lights. She is too worried about sounding like a freak to speak publicly about it so I’m speaking for her.”

After the sighting, some witnesses reported seeing “small planes” circling the area where the object had been seen while another reported seeing black helicopters scanning the area of the sighting.

“Two Black Stealth Helos were maneuvering and hovering low, directly over Northampton Airport runway very close to 6:30PM, when they *suddenly* and literally took OFF over the river (roughly north-east of my own position), crossing Route 9 toward Hadley and Amherst —they were in a hurry!”

Police say they received one call about “lights in the sky,” but they didn’t investigate. Westover Air Reserve Base, which has a radar tower in Amherst, said it had nothing in its logs about any aircraft moving through the area at the time.

It should also be noted that it has long been rumored that a U.S. Department of Energy or DARPA radar/spy satellite array is situated in north Amherst.  Residents note an “unmarked array of satellites on top of large white storage container” that nobody in town is quite sure what they are used for. The object flew in the area near the satellite installation.

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Downtown Amherst, Massachusetts via Wikimedia Commons by Jon Platek with usage type - Creative Commons License. July 24, 2013

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Downtown Amherst, Massachusetts via Wikimedia Commons by Jon Platek with usage type - Creative Commons License. July 24, 2013


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