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UFO reports from Queensland, Australia appear to be beginning of “wave” of unexplained sightings

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UFO reports from Queensland, Australia, particularly in the Bundaberg Region, are beginning to catch the eye of ufologists around the world.  UFO reports from Bundaberg, where unlike in the United States and Europe, the Austrian culture and attitude tend to keep residents quiet about their sightings, are beginning to come forth – in waves and clusters of sightings.  News Mail released several interesting accounts yesterday.

On December 14, 2012, “Jason” (witness will only reveal his first name) was in his backyard talking on the phone with a friend when he saw a bright light in the sky accelerate upward on a 45-degree angle.

“It was a very clear night, and I could see all the stars out, I was looking out in the northeast of the sky when I noticed (I had been looking that way for a few minutes) a bright light appears about halfway in the sky. It seemed to accelerate on a 45-degree angle heading towards the atmosphere, it was only viewable for around 20 seconds, and then it appeared to get brighter as it made its course and then it was gone. I didn’t see it leave the atmosphere (doubt I’d know even if it did) it just vanished. I doubt it was a plane as they don’t go towards the atmosphere. I also do not think it was a rocket as this thing did not leave a trail of smoke at all, it also appeared out of nowhere. I’ve never seen a UFO, but I couldn’t explain this and it’s baffled me ever since.”

Another witness sent their account to the newspaper but would not reveal their name for fear of ridicule.  This sighting took place on January 16, 2013.  During a drive home, multiple witnesses saw a “green cylinder” shoot upward through the sky.

“I didn’t mention it to the others in the car until suddenly the object shot straight up into the air… pretty much exactly the opposite way a meteor would. The speed of which this thing moved was faster than anything I have ever seen. After a few swear words and a face of shock I got the attention of a friend next to me who said, ‘you saw the green UFO as well didn’t you!’  The driver of the car also said she seen a flash of green fly past but didn’t take much notice as she was focused on driving,”

News Mail notes that the sightings have been occurring for quite some time. One witness, Joshua Watson, recalled his sighting that took place around 2009.

“It was in the late afternoon when the stars had just come out, I saw what looked like three stars bunched together that almost looked like one star. It was moving across the sky fairly quickly – I thought it just must have been a satellite, but all of a sudden it slowed right down then shot down the sky and back up super quick. It was changing direction unbelievably, then it came to a complete stop for a few seconds and then disappeared. I could not believe what I’d just seen.”

Three weeks ago, several people in the tiny tropical town of Cardwell reported seeing unidentified lights in the evening sky. At least four residents in the coastal area, 165 kilometers north of Townsville, told The Townsville Bulletin they witnessed what they believed was a UFO. One local businessman, who recorded two lights moving side-by-side through the sky, proclaimed to be ‘the world’s biggest skeptic,’ but says he’s now convinced.

Greg Smith said:

“There were two large orange lights… no beam and no noise. It was absolutely silent, and they were moving slowly across the sky towards the north-west. I’ll tell you what, this really rattled me and my son.”

Another Cardwell couple said the lights were visible two nights in a row. “We watched it for a few minutes and then it disappeared,” Phil Mulley said.

Brisbane-based UFO Research Queensland studies each UFO report individually, paying particular attention to the movement, such as sudden sharp turns, to see if the sighting is “the work of clever hoaxers or the real deal”.  UFO Research Queensland president and 25-year-veteran, Sheryl Gottschall, told News Mail, “Obviously people are seeing something.”

Below are a few sample photos shared with News Mail from witnesses.

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