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Multiple UFO reports from Arizona – several independent witnesses report two sets of bright lights hovering in the sky.

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Several UFO reports arrived from Arizona on 1/16/13 while rumors that there is a video of the event circulated (we found one video that claimed to be of the event, but the objects did not fit the description witness have been providing).  One witness reported seeing four huge, glowing orange-yellow lights in the Phoenix sky.  The sighting began with the witness driving home and noticing four bright lights in the sky.  He pulled over and began taking pictures with his cell phone when another set of three lights suddenly appeared.  The lights appeared to be connected together as the distance between them never varied.  After a few minutes the lights blinked out.

The second report came from Buckeye, Arizona. This witness also reported two sets of huge, bright “linked” lights.  Witnesses estimated the size of the object, assuming the lights were linked together to a single object, to be about the size of “two city blocks”.

A third witness, located in Casa Grande, Arizona was in his home getting a drink when one of his children came into the house talking excitedly about “lights in the sky”.  The man explained that it was probably an airplane and then went outside to investigate. He noted that the lights were bright orangish yellow and hovered in the sky “right across the street” for about 10 minutes before they “disappeared”.  After about five minutes, the lights reappeared but this time they were lower than before.  The man noted that they made no sound. The lights again suddenly went out.  The man called the local police who referred him to his local MUFON branch.

Another witness gives his firsthand account of the sighting as follows:

I was driving from Phoenix to Coolidge, Arizona going south on I-10E. My observation of these lights spanned the whole commute home. They were always in the west and varying degrees of south relative to my location as I continued to drive. Two unusually bright and strangely colored lights were apparent in the sky looking southwest. At first, I thought it could be some newly set large, high-intensity lighting for some building construction [because] the orange-yellowish color was somewhat similar to the color of sodium vapor lamps common here in Phoenix. However, as I continued to drive, it became apparent that the objects were not moving relative to other night lights indicating that the lights were many miles away and up in the air.

While yet another witness who reported seeing the two sets of “amber” lights, noted that they were not airplanes nor flares:

“I grew up on Air Force bases around the world. I’ve seen F-16s line up for landings at night. I am also somewhat aware of what an F-35 can do. I certainly know what flares look like. I have no clue what these 8 lights were. The did not move or twinkle, they glowed.”

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  1. i have seen this before, just above the horizon here in bc. Called a cashier out of the shell store to also look so i wasnt the only one!

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