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Bush viper snake – how to identify, avoid their habitat, and treatment for their bite.

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Bush viper
Atheris squamiger

Description: Often called leaf viper, its color varies from ground colors of pale green to olive, brown, or rusty brown. The viper uses its prehensile tail to secure itself to branches.

Characteristics: An arboreal species that often comes down to the ground to feed on small rodents. It is not aggressive, but it will defend itself when molested or touched. Its venom is hemotoxic; healthy adults rarely die from its bite.

Habitat: Found in rain forests and woodlands bordering swamps and forests. Often found in trees, low-hanging branches, or brush.

Length: Average 45 centimeters (18 inches), maximum 75 centimeters (29 inches).

Distribution: Most of Africa, particularly Angola, Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya, and the Congo.

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