Say it isn’t so – a world without giraffes?!?!

West African Giraffe peeks under an tree

Sorry kids, but that lovable knock-kneed doofus we call giraffes may soon be no more. Today the International Union for Conversation of Nature classified the crane-necked creature as “vulnerable” meaning it’s at a high risk for extinction.

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Scientists warn Earth faces global mass extinction of wildlife – here’s a mind-boggling list of extinct animals that illustrates the seriousness of climate change.

image thumb 42

Conservationists issued a chilling warning this week telling New Scientists that global wildlife populations are set to have fallen by more than two thirds of 1970 levels by 2020 – and there is no sign that declining wildlife numbers will slow down in our lifetime. To understand the impact, check this list of recently extinct…

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And the award for the world’s weirdest animal goes to…

surprised monkey

There are plenty of reasons we need a list of the world’s strangest animals besides just proving that these creatures really do exist. Among this list you’ll find Halloween costume ideas, ideas for faces you can make behind the teacher’s back, and new names you can call your friends. Plus, if you’re ugly, you won’t…

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