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Cereus Cactus – edible wild plant – how to find, identify, prepare, and other uses for survival.

Cereus Cactus

Cereus Cactus (Cereus species)

These cacti are tall and narrow with angled stems and numerous spines.

Where to Cereus Cactus plants

The Cereus Cactus may be found in true deserts and other dry, open, sunny areas throughout the Caribbean region, Central America, and the western United States. In North America, the Cereus Cactus can be found in the southwest United States, particularly in Arizona and Texas. In Central America, it can be found in countries such as Mexico and Costa Rica. In South America, it can be found in countries such as Brazil and Argentina.

Edible parts of the Cereus Cactus

The fruits of the Cereus Cactus are edible, but some may have a laxative effect so eat them in moderation. The fruit is often used in jams, jellies, and candies. In Mexico, the fruit is used to make a traditional sweet called cajeta. The cactus pads, or nopales, are also edible and commonly used in salads, stews, and soups.

Other uses for the Cereus Cactus plant

The pulp of the Cereus Cactus is a good source of water. Break open the stem and scoop out the pulp. Other uses for the Cereus Cactus include:

Medicinal Uses

The cereus cactus has been used for medicinal purposes by indigenous populations for centuries. It is believed to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties and is often used to treat skin conditions, fever, and rheumatism.

Industrial Uses

The pulp of the cereus cactus is high in pectin, a natural thickener, and is used in the production of various products such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The cactus is also used to produce a type of biofuel called biodiesel.

Environmental Uses

In addition to its economic uses, the cereus cactus plays an important role in the environment. Its deep roots help prevent soil erosion, and it provides a habitat and food source for a variety of wildlife.

Cereus Cactus picture identification gallery

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