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For off-grid electrical needs, we found a portable generator that’s comes in an armored case the size of a toolbox, runs on diesel, kerosene, or jet fuel – and generates a mind-blowing 8kW worth of power!

If you haven’t heard of Dallas, Texas-based drone-maker Fusionflight – you soon will. Today they revealed an innovative product based on their microturbine drone tech – a generator the size of a toolbox that cranks out a whopping 8kW worth of electrical power. Yes, that’s enough to power an entire house. And it runs on diesel, kerosine, or ahem, jet fuel.

Fusionflight offers a line of drones that are powered by tech they call “thrust-vectored jet turbine propulsion” (i.e. a tiny jet engine). These amazing little engines run on diesel, kerosene, or jet fuel with a 5% mixture of turbo oil added and can propel their drones to speeds around 300mph. This same drone engine tech is used in their new ARC 8kW generator. The result is an ultra-portable generator that packs an 8kW punch.

The ARC microturbine generator handles up to 155 amps via a turbine running at 130,000 rpm. The unit is enclosed in an armored composite aircraft-grade case and weighs about 20 lbs. The ARC turbine generator is stackable too. You can run multiple units in parallel to provide more power.

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