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Redneck Revolt movement aims to show that just because you’re a redneck, doesn’t mean you have to be stupid

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The Redneck Revolt movement began in June 2016 when several members of old-style militia groups from Kansas and Colorado decided you didn’t have to be racist – or stupid – to be a patriot of your country. The group ditches traditional far-right paranoid antics and makes strong use of the existing gun culture while removing the racist element that often exists hand-in-hand with far-right conservative groups. As Redneck Revolt explains:

“White supremacy is a system that white working people have helped protect, but it is also a tool against us all. Allegiance to a politics of white racism has allowed the rich to continue to hold onto power.”

Redneck Revolt says they span all political and economic divides to focus their attention on one thing – forming armed militias to ensure the working class is not abused by the elite. I will admit, I don’t agree with all their principles – but dang, they’re surprisingly close in many areas. If Redneck Revolt succeeds, we could begin to see truly well-organized, intelligently-managed, efficient, effective militias spread throughout the United States.

Here are the stated principles of the Redneck Revolt movement.

We stand against white supremacy

Step aside white nationalists – these guys believe the white working class is being held back but by no means do they agree with menacing people of different color. They consider racism an elite strategy to suppress the working class.  However, the inclusion of “redneck” in their organization identity likely discourages membership for non-whites.

We believe in true liberty for all people

According to Redneck Revolt, true liberty is based on the rights of all people to not be oppressed, exploited, or marginalized based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religious practices, country of origin, or physical or mental abilities. They believe communities are entitled to the wealth that workers produce – not the rich.

We stand for organized defense of our communities

As guaranteed in our Constitution, they believe militias should be formed throughout the country to protect the rights of communities and balance against an overly powerful federal government.

We are working class and poor people

This is one that I don’t whole-heartedly agree with but hey, it’s their movement. I don’t agree because, well, I’m not poor – but I still share some of the same core principles as the Redneck Revolt group. Redneck revolt take pride in being “uneducated”, “white trash” which seems a bit narrow-minded.

We are an aboveground militant formation

Tying back to the “organized defense of our communities” principle, this tenet states their belief in community defense with the requirement of providing material support for other defense groups. And they make no qualms about being “willing to take on personal risk to defend those in our community”.

We stand against the nation-state and its forces which protect the bosses and the rich

Here’s where things being to swing a bit off track. According to Redneck Revolt, “police, prisons, courts, artificial borders, and other systems of social control” exist to serve the rich. Reword this and you’ll be on track. What they mean is that power should be shifted to the community level with community rights held over the rights of the federal government. But the way they’re mantra reads now, they seek pure anarchy.

We stand against capitalism

They make good points about laborers working to enrich the elites and they nobly refuse to commit allegiance to “an economic system that has served to destroy the world” but then they veer off the “we’re not racist” track and redirect their anger toward the rich. Then end result is close to the same. Besides, I wouldn’t discount the rich so fast nor would I fully discount capitalism without proposing a suitable replacement. Capitalism certainly excels at profit generation. The problem is, the money lands in the pockets of the rich and stays there.  But that doesn’t mean Communism is any better.

We stand against the wars of the rich

Redneck Revolt sees the folly of wars and recognizes that they often are started to protect or improve the livelihood of the rich.

We believe in the right of militant resistance

Redneck Revolt makes no qualms about it – “We are not pacifists. We believe in using any and all means at our disposal… to gain our freedom and true liberty.” They rightly believe every community should have the right to defend itself.

We believe in the need for revolution

And flash back to 1776 – “We believe in the complete restructuring of society” to ensure liberty for all people. Taken in context with their other stated principles, an armed rebellion is foremost on their minds.

Additional information

Redneck Revolt branches may be found throughout the country but not always under the Redneck Revolt moniker. For instance, the branch in Oklahoma is called the “Oklahoma City John Brown Gun Club” while the one in Arizona is called the “Phoenix John Brown Gun Club”.

If you’re interested in joining or starting a Redneck Revolt branch, visit for more information.

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