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An introduction to weapons, tools, and gear required for wilderness survival.

SpearsIt is important to properly maintain your weapons, tools, and gear.  This is especially true of your knife. You must always keep it sharp and ready to use. A knife is your most valuable tool in a survival situation. With the proper knowledge and skills, you can easily improvise needed items.

In survival situations, you may have to fashion any number and type of field-expedient tools and equipment to survive. The need for an item must outweigh the work involved in making it. You should ask, “Is it necessary or just nice to have?” Remember that undue haste makes waste. Examples of tools and equipment that could make your life much easier are ropes, rucksacks and backpacks, clothes, nets, walking sticks, and cooking and eating utensils.

Weapons serve a dual purpose. You use them to obtain and prepare food and to provide self-defense. A weapon can also give you a feeling of security and provide you with the ability to hunt on the move.  As mentioned, the knife is your most important weapon but you will also benefit from weapons such as a club, spear, throwing stick, bow and arrow, or bola.

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