A Vicious Circle #1 – Original Cover A (Bermejo) – 1st Printing!


A Vicious Circle #1 – Original Cover A (Bermejo) – One of the visionaries behind The Batman, Mattson Tomlin, teams up with iconic artist Lee Bermejo.

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A Vicious Circle #1 – Original Cover A (Bermejo) – One of the visionaries behind The Batman, Mattson Tomlin, teams up with iconic artist Lee Bermejo.

Director, screenwriter, one of the visionaries behind The Batman, and Project Power creator Mattson Tomlin teams up with iconic artist Lee Bermejo (Batman: Damned, Joker)! Shawn Thacker is a trained assassin from the future who seeks revenge on the only other man with his affliction-each life they take forces them both to travel between vastly different past and future eras. Spanning from 22nd century Tokyo to 1950s New Orleans to the Cretaceous Era and beyond, the two mortal rivals are locked in a battle of wills that spans millions of years, all to alter the course of history. With each time period, artist Lee Bermejo adjusts his artistic style to pay homage to luminary comics artists and historical master painters, from Boom! Studios, presented in a prestige, oversized format!

Tomlin and Berjemo have taken their time to tell the story in this comic book, with a slow, cinematic pace that maximizes the 48-page count. Unlike conventional comic books, this one doesn’t rush to get details in, but rather takes its time to develop the plot.

By the end of the issue, readers gain an understanding of the rules of time travel in the story, thanks to an electric montage that kicks off on page 41 and lasts eight pages. Although there are rules to this time travel stuff, once you understand how it works, you’ll be eager to know more about Shawn and the masked man.

The book has a mythical quality that makes it feel larger than life, despite featuring a good guy and a bad guy. The story features two foils fighting one another, with tropes that we have seen many times over.

The art in this comic is stupendous, with Bermejo’s hyper-realistic color and detail present from the start, washed in black and white to give it an old-movie feel. The art style changes throughout the book, with clues about the time setting provided by the clothing or setting. Bermejo further mixes it up with a watercolor feel during the Civil War or a more traditional comic look during what appears to be the characters dropping in on Bettie Page.

(W) Mattson Tomlin (A) Lee Bermejo (CA) Lee Bermejo

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