Battery Powered Pacman light – NEW Pac-Man Blinky Battery-Powered Table/Night Light


Let your favorite Pac-Man ghost light the way with this Blinky table night light! Measuring about 4-inches tall, the delightful Pac-Man Blinky Icon Light uses a battery-powered, portable configuration.

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Let your favorite Pac-Man Blinky ghost light the way with this battery powered Pacman light!

That 3D battery powered Pacman light sure looks like Blinky from the Pac-Man game! Measuring about 4-inches tall, this delightful Pac-Man Blinky Icon Light is battery powered, requires 2x “AAA” batteries, and designed with a retro-looking pixelated features. Comes in an attractive display box for collectors.

You’ve known him variously as Shadow, Akabei, and of course, Blinky – the leader of the original Pac-Man ghosts squad (Pinky, Inky, and Clyde) who persists adamantly to chasing Pac-Man through the dotted maze. Blinky is the only monster in the Pac-Man arcade game that will always directly target our yellow-friend (hence the nickname, “Shadow”, because he always shadows Pac-Man).

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    Blinky trivia

    • Blinky has a daughter named Yum-Yum.
    • Blinky’s accelerated mode (triggered after a ever-diminishing number of dots are eaten), is known as “Cruise Elroy”.
    • When in “scatter mode”, Blinky typically occupies the top, right-hand part of the screen.
    • Originally, the Namco president dictated that all ghosts be colored red. The development team voted and nobody chose the all-red option. The Namco President gave in and allowed the well-known “colorful” array of Pac-Man ghosts.
    • Blinky has appeared in more than a half-dozen arcade games and more than a dozen animated series and films including Wreck-It Ralph and Mario Kart.

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