Terrorwar #1 – Original Cover – 1st Printing!


Terrorwar #1 – Eisner-winning writer SALADIN AHMED (Miles Morales) and superstar horror artist DAVE ACOSTA (Elvira) make their Image debut!

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Terrorwar #1 – Eisner-winning writer SALADIN AHMED and superstar horror artist DAVE ACOSTA make their Image debut!

Eisner-winning writer SALADIN AHMED (Miles Morales) and superstar horror artist DAVE ACOSTA (Elvira) make their Image debut with this sci-fi horror series about working people fighting mind-bending monsters. Blue City was the last livable place on Earth. Now it’s crawling with Terrors-creatures that transform into their victims’ worst fears. Humanity’s last hope? Muhammad Cho and his overworked, underpaid crew of freelance Terrorfighters.

We’re not heroes-we’re contractors.

(W) Saladin Ahmed (A) Dave Acosta (CA) Dave Acosta

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3 reviews for Terrorwar #1 – Original Cover – 1st Printing!

  1. Phil

    I decided to pick up the first issue of this product because the concept intrigued me, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed reading it. The writer, Ahmed, has always been talented, but I felt that his writing was often constrained by the demands of working for Marvel. This is not the case here, and it’s clear that Ahmed has been able to stretch his legs and really lean into creating realistic dialogue and dynamic character dynamics. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a refreshing take on the concept.

    I also wanted to give some love to the art, which was not mind-blowing but still very good. What I appreciated most was that none of the characters looked generic – each had distinct looks and builds, which made them all the more interesting. The big “terrors” were absolutely dynamic, and I even noticed a little dig at “the Mouse” with the shadow of the first terror. All in all, the art was solid and perfectly fitting for the feel of the story.

  2. Ernst

    Great 1st issue!!! Can’t believe I almost passed on this. The day of its release, Terrorwar was one of those “on the fence” titles for me to pick up from my LCS. I like Saladin Ahmed’s writing and have enjoyed some of his previous work (Miles Morales Spider-Man), but wanted to flip through it before reaching my decision. Ultimately, it was the art by Acosta that won me over. Love the concept for Terror’s and Terror-fighters. Good pacing also! Will definitely grab second issue.

  3. Gorky

    Yeah, this rules. Do you like the movie Aliens and trippy sh*t? This is the series for you. People’s worst fears are manifesting as giant monsters and “space marines” shoot them with mind bullets. No, really, there’s a giant cartoon frog that immolates a guy before getting its brains blown out right out of the gate. There’s warring factions of bounty hunters that fight to claim rewards for killing these manifested nightmares, of which our ragtag group of video game classes is just one. Big action movie feel with this, instant subscription.

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