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Greenpeace submarine attacked by pair of Red Devil Squid – attempted “squidnapping” narrowly avoided… [video]

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Straight from the “Stuff of Nightmares” department, two Greenpeace submarine divers had their submersible attacked by a pair of Humboldt squids (aka jumbo squid). The workers were on an expedition in the Bering Sea when the attack occurred and caught the whole episode on video which they posted to Vine. Check out the video of the squid attack below:

The workers were working inside the Dual Deep Worker submersible when the encounter occurred. The jumbo squid, affectionately known as red devil squid, are famed for their aggression and red ink they squirt when attacking. They can grow up to 7 feet in length, weigh as much as 100 lbs, and have tentacles lined with tiny, sharp teeth! [Editor note: Geek Slop says we are not to make any corny jokes about the squid being “well armed”.]

The divers believe the bright flashing lights on the submarine triggered the attack and say that at no point were they really fearful of being “squidnapped” by the dastardly attackers who were trying to break into their submarine.

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