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Scientists discover “tissue-paper” fish at record oceanic depth in Mariana Trench

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It has a clear, translucent body, broad wing-like fins, and a flowing “tissue-paper-like” tail – and set a new record for the deepest fish ever recorded! It was captured on film in the Mariana Trench by a camera in a robotic submarine. Unfortunately, no scientists were around as the fish swam slowly past the camera, stopped and waved, and continued on its merry little way.

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The fish is believed to be a type of Snailfish and was discovered at a record depth of 26,722 feet. That’s about five miles below the surface! At these depths, the pressure from the water above is so great, it would crush most animals. Scientists think this may be the deepest any living animal can survive. At greater depths, muscle and nerves cannot function and even proteins begin to deform under the crushing weight of the water column.

The Mariana Trench, where the cute little critter was found, is a deep chasm in the western Pacific near the Mariana Islands and is the deepest part of the world’s oceans. At its greatest depth, the trench is about 7 miles below the surface and sits under a pressure of about 15,750 psi (1,000 times the pressure on land).

Scientists discover “tissue-paper” fish at record oceanic depth in Mariana Trench
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