And the award for the world’s weirdest animal goes to…

surprised monkey

There are plenty of reasons we need a list of the world’s strangest animals besides just proving that these creatures really do exist. Among this list you’ll find Halloween costume ideas, ideas for faces you can make behind the teacher’s back, and new names you can call your friends. Plus, if you’re ugly, you won’t…

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Woman cuts open herring fish to find strange, glowing growths inside

Woman cuts open herring fishing to find strange, glowing growths inside

A woman in the eastern Kazakhstan city of Semey, purchased a fresh herring fish from her local market, brought it home, and began to fillet it when she noticed something odd. The fish’s insides glowed in the dark! According to Gulbarshin Kaydarova, inside the fish she found “strange growths” that gave off a bluish-green light.

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