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More unusual optical illusions will blow your mind

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If last week’s optical illusions didn’t blow your mind then this week’s illusions will surely finish you off.  Below is the second part of our collection of mind-blowing optical illusions including an explanation of the “spinning woman” optical illusion that so many readers argued with Geek Slop about.

Spinning woman (explained)

Come on guys, do you really think Geek Slop would put up a picture that was wrong?  Per the deluge of email reported by the lab monkeys last week, here’s a three-part picture of the spinning lady optical illusion which should convince you.  See – she spins both ways! (and tell your teacher there are only fourteen shades of gray in the background, not fifty).

Spinning dancer optical illusion

Moving train – which direction is it moving?

If you stare at this optical illusion long enough, the train will appear to change direction.  If you’re having trouble getting it to switch in your mind, try blinking your eyes.  If that still doesn’t work, call the New York Train Authority – maybe they can help.

Moving train optical illusion

OMG – watch out for those concrete barriers!!!

Don’t fret – nobody gets hurt in this optical illusion.  Viewed at the right angle, the concrete barriers produce a bizarre three-dimensional illusion.

Cement barriers painted on street optical illusion

Blinking pink circles (bah, you’re color blind)

At first glance, most people see a circle of blinking (or disappearing) pink dots.  But stare at the cross in the center and watch as the blinking dot color changes from pink to green.

Pink circles optical illusion

Hang on tight – the room’s about to spin!

This is a two-part optical illusion.  Start by staring at the center of the swirling dots for about, oh, an hour or so.  If you don’t have an hour to spare, then stare at the spinning shapes for 30 seconds.  Then scroll down quickly to the picture below.

Spinning room optical illusion - part 1

Now stare at this picture (after watching the spinning picture above)

Now stare at the picture below.

Spinning room optical illusion - part 2

There are giants in this room!

A giant and a smaller person playing catch.  How sweet.  Wait! What the heck just happened!?!

Ames Room optical illusion

Racing blocks

With the alternating black and white stripes in the background, these blocks appear to be racing with one block inching forward followed by the second block in close pursuit.  But when the stripes are removed, you can see that the blocks are actually moving at the exact same speed.

Racing blocks optical illusion

In living color

Wait for the picture to begin its loop, then stare at the dot in the center.  Once the picture changes, your mind will fill in the missing colors.

Colored landscape optical illusion
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