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Yay, vampires are real! Wait, OMG, vampires are real!

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Uh oh, this can’t be good. Two different sets of scientists released some pretty amazing news on Sunday. It seems that transfusing the blood of a young mouse into an old mouse can improve the old mouse’s mental and physical capabilities. In other words, scientists reversed aging in the muscles and brains of old mice simply by running the blood of young mice through their veins. Yes, vampires have had it right all along.

Researchers at both Harvard and the University of California reached the same conclusion by taking the protein GDF11 from the blood of young mice and pumping it through a few old-timers. What they saw amazed them. Despite an eerie glazed look on their pale faces, the old mice could run longer on a treadmill and branched more new blood vessels in their brains. They even found a new molecular switch in the memory center of the brain that was flipped on by the blood from a young mouse.

The magic protein that they found, GDF11, is present in all human blood but youngsters have much more of the valuable stuff running through their veins.

Scientists told reporters not to get too excited over the news – yet. The research has been conducted on mice only and they are not sure what kind of results we will see in humans. However, in case you fear the chaos and carnage of a vampire war, they noted that they are already working on commercializing the finding (i.e. figuring out how to sell it) meaning, a pill or shot, not neck biting, will likely be used to reap the same result.

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