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Let’s be #ClimateHeroes! Here’s what you can do to battle climate change and be the generation that literally saves the world!

earth from space with lighted cities and atmosphere

Science will help reverse climate damage but there are still lots of things you can do to battle climate change while we wait. Together we can beat climate change and become the generation that literally saves the world! Let’s become #ClimateHeroes! Here’s how:

Can we beat climate change?

Humans have overcome insurmountable odds in the past. There’s no reason to believe we can’t do it again and crush the climate change problem. It will of course, require sacrifice, money, and hard work.

The single most important goal will be to limit the use of fossil fuels such as oil, carbon, and natural gas and replace them with renewable energy sources such as wind generation and solar energy. Here are other ways you can help battle climate change.

To help beat climate change, cut back on meat consumption and use of animal products

Next to cars, the food industry, especially the meat and dairy sector, are the biggest contributors to climate change. Cattle especially, consume food (e.g., maize, soy) that could have been eaten by humans, they require lots of water, they use up land that often must be cleared of trees first, and they eat vegetation that’s almost always fertilized with greenhouse-gas releasing products. Animal agriculture is believed to account for about 15% of greenhouse gas emissions. You can help battle climate change by cutting back on the amount of meat you eat and reduce your reliance on animal products. Yes, this means you have to start eating your vegetables.

To beat global warming, eat organic

Most synthetic fertilizers are byproducts of oil refining. Organic food, food that does not use pesticides, is not only better for you but helps reduce our dependence on oil. Encourage mom and dad to buy organic foods when they are shopping. If they pooh-pooh the suggestion, lay on the grocery store floor and refuse to move until they cooperate.

Cut back on travel to help battle climate change

Start enjoying local life rather than travel. Driving and flying are extremely bad for the environment. When your parents ask where you want to go for vacation, tell them you just want to stay home this year and they should apply the money they save to your Christmas loot.

Suck it up and merge with the new climate

Try to adjust how you live. Get used to warmer weather and turn down those air conditioners. You’ll find that you don’t have to have your home cooled to 70 degrees.

Line dry clothes to help save energy

Cutting back on energy use is the single biggest thing we can do to battle climate change. This of course will require sacrifice – primarily sacrificing convenience for harder work. One thing you can do is line dry your clothes instead of throwing them in an electric clothes dryer. You’ll find your clothes last much longer too.

Pressure your government to step up and do something about climate change

Government officials are elected and thus will do whatever it takes to keep the people happy. They know the solution to climate change will require time, effort, and money – things citizens don’t typically like to give up. It’s important to let your elected officials know you are ready to battle climate change and that you expect them to do what it takes to win the fight.

Spend your money wisely – vote for climate change with your dollars

Pay attention to who you give your money to. Avoid purchasing products from companies that use fossil fuels or banks that invest in high-emission industries.

Stop driving as much to help decrease pollution

Experts agree that going car-free is the number-one most effective action an individual can take to battle climate change. Note we don’t say “fossil-free”, but “car-free”. Even electric cars consume energy that today is generated using methods that contribute to global warming. Find ways you can ditch driving for bicycling or plain, old walking. The more we walk, the more the government will initiate projects to make walking (and bicycle riding) easier for its citizens. Vote with your feet!

Reduce and reuse – recycling to save energy

Recycling used to be the way to go – until it was found that recycling itself consumed energy and contributed to climate change. The only way around this is to reduce our reliance on harmful plastics, glass, and paper products. Try to reuse instead of replacing.

Plant a garden to battle climate change

Plant a garden. The plants not only recycle carbon from the atmosphere but provide a far healthier and cost-effective alternative to store-bought food. It means more work of course, but beating climate change will require sacrifice from everyone.

Buy local when you can

Shipping and transportation of the products we use contribute to an enormous amount of greenhouse gas. Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using products that were made or grown as close to your home as possible.

Offset your carbon emissions by giving something back

Find ways to offset the carbon emissions you contribute. Plant trees. Install solar panels. Drive an electric car. Every little bit helps in our battle to defeat climate change!

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