Amazing gravitational waves discovery – what they are and why they’re so important

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In 1916, Albert Einstein predicted that any event that disturbs spacetime will produce ripples that spread throughout the entire Universe. He called these ripples gravitational waves. This week, one hundred years after Einstein’s prediction, scientists revealed they had finally detected gravitational waves. The discovery being called the greatest scientific advance this century. Here’s how they…

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Our wonderful Sun – the brightest star in the sky!

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Our Sun is an ordinary star although it is quite large compared to other stars. In terms of “mass”, most stars have less than half the mass of our Sun. You could fit 109 Earths across the Sun. The Romans called the Sun “sol” (as in SOlar).

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NASA discovers unusual “Hand of God” structure in space.

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New NASA imagery has been released showing a huge, bizarre, glowing human hand-like structure that appears to be reaching out to touch a brilliant glowing red cloud in deep space. Complete with clearly-defined forearm, wrist, thumb, fingers, and fingernails, the celestial object has been appropriately dubbed the “Hand of God”.

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Astronomers may have found the impossible – a star within a star

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Seemingly impossible, the idea of a nested star has been proposed before – it’s just nobody has ever found an example of the cosmic oddity. That may be about to change though. Scientists are keeping the name of the star a secret right now – at least until their peers can validate their findings –…

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Giant list of interesting astronomy facts

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Since who knows when, people have been watching the sky. It has been a means of tracking time, of navigating, of superstition, and a form of entertainment. Check out the giant list of interesting astronomy facts.

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