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New Bigfoot video clip captures sasquatch creature in Sequoia National Park

Filmmaker, Shawn Bannon, recently released a short documentary film titled “Creature in the Giant Sequoias” which includes a newly discovered clip of a Bigfoot creature in the wild.  On a funding grant from the National Geographic Society, the bigfoot was filmed in the Sequoia National Park, a location that has produced hundreds of sightings (and video/audio recordings) in the past.  Although the clip from the film includes many tell-tale signs of being a potential hoax (bumpy camera movements, sudden film stops, “convenient” blurs, poor “acting”, sasquatch walking like a gangster from the hood, etc.) and the video documentary itself seems a bit amateurish, I can’t help but notice this creature looks like a cross between a Bigfoot and a Transformer – it’s huge!

Bannon has released other Bigfoot film sets before but this appears to be the first time this particular segment has been released to the public or included in a larger film (likely withheld from the public release until it could be included in the documentary). Some of his previous films have been controversial, many expert Bigfoot researchers consider them hoaxes, but others are rather convincing and have left some researches scratching their heads.

Whether it’s a hoax or a real sasquatch sighting is still up in the air but regardless, this new video segment is indeed intriguing.

You can check out some of the more interesting clips (with post-processing analysis) from the video below or struggle through the entire “documentary” on Shawn Bannon’s YouTube page.

Bigfoot/sasquatch in Sequoia National Park–clips courtesy Shawn Bannon/YouTube
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