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Puerto Rico voted “yes” for statehood this week – how would the 51st star be added to the American flag? Here’s how!

United States Flag with 51 stars

Earlier this week, Puerto Rico residents voted to join the United States as the nation’s 51st state. President Obama has yet to comment on the vote but earlier comments indicated they would not oppose Puerto Rico being added as the 51st state.  That begs this question though – what about the American Flag with its neatly aligned 50 stars?  How could a 51st star be added while keeping the symmetry and beauty of the American flag intact?  A Reddit reader has the answer.  Here’s his suggested design for a new United States flag with 51 stars and yeah, it works quite well.


 United States Flag with 51 stars

Here’s a photo montage illustrating how the United States flag has changed over the years as new states were added.  Click the image for the full view.


And here’s a couple of suggestions from Redditors we thought we’d just throw in for grins.




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