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Giant floating head found in Hudson River has been reported missing (again)

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Giant head found floating in New York's Hudson River

This mysterious 300-pound giant head was found a couple of months ago floating in New York’s Hudson River.  The gigantic 7-foot head was made of fiberglass and Styrofoam and was spotted and fished out of the river by the Marist College rowing team.  The head was towed back to the team’s dock and placed in their boathouse (it was later moved outside the boathouse because it was taking up so much room).  Nobody ever came forward to claim the giant noggin. Today we hear that officials at Marist College have revealed that the giant head is missing.  Officials and most students at Marist believe that the head has been stolen as a prank while a small minority believe the Atlanteans returned in the night to reclaim their sculpture.

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