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Interesting UFO night-vision video from SyFy channel’s Ben Hansen – UAP or secret military satellites?

Interesting video from Ben Hansen, host of SyFy channel’s Fact or Faked Paranormal Files television show.  The video was shot on November 16, 2013 during a MUFON event in Phoenix at which Hansen was demonstrating his new Generation 3 night vision equipment.  Witnesses say the UFOs were not visible to the naked eye nor did they have blinking lights like traditional planes.  At first take, you would presume these unknown objects were satellites but what is unusual about this sighting is that the objects are travelling in sync – two pairs of objects flying in a tightly held formation.

Many are unaware that the US Navy operates a satellite system known as NOSS (Naval Ocean Surveillance System) which consists of multiple SIGINT (signal intelligence) satellites flying in formation.  NOSS satellites are very dim, difficult to see with the naked eye, and of course, their orbits are not publicly published.  They are used (supposedly) to “locate and track ships at sea” by detecting their radio transmissions and are part of the US Navy’s “White Cloud” spaceborne electronic intelligence system (ELINT).  First launched in 1967 under the codename White Cloud, they orbited in triplets (China has a similar version that operates in triplets), but today the 3rd generation NOSS satellites (codenamed Ranger and Intruder) are employed in pairs.  Multiple satellites, flying in formation, are used in order to create somewhat of a triangulation effect.  Until 1996, the US Government denied all knowledge of their existence.

Whether or not the objects in the video are NOSS satellites is unknown.  Some have pointed out that the objects change in position relative to each other which would rule out satellites.  Hansen however, believes they were likely NOSS satellites.  Regardless, if the objects are earthly NOSS satellites, it’s likely the first time anyone has caught a pair on camera using night-vision cameras.

We’ve edited the video to provide a clearer close-up view of the objects and to stabilize the shaky camera movement.  Check it out below.

Phoenix UFOs shot with night-vision camera–NOSS satellites?
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