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Which direction is this train traveling? Optical illusion roars through Internet

MovingTrain thumb1


Robbie Khan of Robbie Khan Photography created this cool animated gif using four frames he shot at a train station in England. He says it is his first .gif and oh boy, what a strange result he achieved with the final pic.  Depending on your mood at the time, the train can appear to be moving in either direction. Start by staring at the tunnel entrance and it will appear to be moving out of the tunnel. Start by looking at the picture from the right-hand side and it will appear to be entering the tunnel.  This beckons the question, “which direction is this train travelling?”

The animated picture has become a sensation on the Internet this week. Given the direction that the people are looking in and the red-light reflection in the tunnel, our best guess is that the train is exiting the tunnel. Then again, one eagle-eyed reader swears up and down they found a cat in one of the frames so your guess is as good as ours…

Sources: Robbie Khan Photography
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