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Amazing Life Hacks: Simple tricks designed to make your life easier – Part 3

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Life hacks are low-budget tips, tricks and shortcuts, typically using an everyday household product, that are designed to make your life easier and more productive. Check out the collection of novel life hacks below.

Place glass of water in microwave to keep pizza crust crunchy


Drill holes in bottom of trash can to make removing bags easier


Use chapstick tube to hide valuables when on vacation


Place rubber band around paint can to keep brush clean


Use bread clips to label power cords


Clever method to carry lots of  grocery bags at once


Use dental floss to cut pastries perfectly


Use toilet paper core as stand and to amplify cellphone speaker


Use dustpan to get water from shallow sink to pail


Place cellphone underneath water bottle to make glow light


How to remove unpopped popcorn kernels from bag

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