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NFL freak of nature (Odell Beckham) makes greatest catch in NFL football history.

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Giants receiver Odell Beckham makes greatest catch in NFL history

With his gargantuan 10-inch hands (fifth largest in the NFL), Giants rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. made this touchdown catch on November 23, 2014 in a game against the Dallas Cowboys. Many sportscasters, including Sports Illustrated’ s Peter King, are calling it the “greatest catch ever” and I can’t argue with their assessment. On a long bomb by Eli Manning, Beckham was racing down the sideline when he leaped up and stretched backwards to snag the ball out of the air (despite being interfered with) with three fingers as he fell into the end zone for a 43-yard touchdown.

Beckham told ESPN:

“I guess I’ve got to thank my mom for the long fingers. Her hands are maybe a half-inch shorter than mine. I know I felt [the ball] it in those two fingers and I tried my best to pull it in.”

And yeah, he did catch it with three fingers. Check out the picture below.

Giants receiver Odell Beckham's three-finger catch

As pre-game video showed us, Beckham’s one-hand catch wasn’t a fluke. Catching the ball with one hand is something he practices every day. Beckham told ESPN:

“Catching the ball with one hand is something you just have to practice, because the opportunity sometimes presents itself and you want to be prepared. Jarvis Landry and I would do that every day in practice. We would see who could make the most ridiculous catch.”

Check out the catch below.

Giants receiver Odell Beckham makes greatest catch in NFL history

Here’s another view.

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