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Nifty cocktail (drinks) guide created by engineer proves to be surprisingly useful (printable version included)

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Nifty cocktail (drinks) guide created by engineers proves to be surprisingly useful (printable version included)

This cocktail guide was created by an engineer for the US Forest Service in 1974 (eh, yeah, I’m not sure why that agency would create such an elaborate document about mixed drinks).  It features various drink recipes, in a single printable page, drawn in (and to) engineer-like specifications.  It’s surprisingly useful.

Included are schematic instructions for Old Fashioned, Tom Collins, John Collins, Manhattan, Martini, Gibson, Rob Roy, Daiquiri, Stinger, Gin Rickey, Screwdriver, Rum and Cola, Whiskey Sour, Mint Julep, Alexander, Zombie, Pousse Cafe (Aw Nuts), Stars and Stripes (Aw Heck), High Ball, Grasshopper, and Gin Fizz drinks.  According to hits maker:

“No matter what you mix, take care – the drink you mix may be your own!”

I’ve included a PDF version below in case you want to print it and tack it to your refrigerator.

Easy cocktail drink chart (PDF)

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