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Outlaw motorcycle clubs (one percenter bike gangs) and their memorable patches

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Outlaw motorcycle clubs, also known as one percenters, are biker gangs that are considered “outlaw” because they are not sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and do not adhere to their rules.  Instead, one percenter clubs (the name comes from an AMA comment that 99% of motorcyclists were law-abiding citizens) have their own set of bylaws which may or may not condone illegal activities.  Regardless of their bylaws, their 1% status reflects an outlaw sense of pride.  Below is a collection of the more notable Outlaw motorcycle club patches.

Bandidos (San Leon, Texas)

Bandidos motorcycle club (MC)

Boozefighters (California)

Boozefighters motorcycle club (MC)

Devil’s Disciples (Fontana, California)

Devil's Disciples motorcycle club (MC)

Diablos (San Bernardino, California)

Diablos motorcycle club (MC)

Grim Reapers (Alberta, Canada)

Grim Reapers motorcycle club (MC)

Black Pistons Motorcycle Club (U.S.?)

Black Pistons motorcycle club (MC)

Hells Angels (Fontana, California)

Hells Angels motorcycle club (MC)

Iron Horsemen (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Iron Horsemen motorcycle club (MC)

Mongols (Montebello, California)

Mongols motorcycle club (MC)

Outlaws (McCook, Illinois)

Outlaws motorcycle club (MC)

Pagan’s (Prince George’s County, Maryland)

Pagan's motorcycle club (MC)

The Sons of Silence (Southwest United States)

The Sons of Silence motorcycle club (MC)

The Highwaymen (Detroit, Michigan)

The Highwaymen motorcycle club (MC)

Sons of Satan MC (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

Sons of Silence motorcycle club (MC)

Vagos (Temescal Valley, California)

Vagos motorcycle club (MC)

Warlocks (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Warlocks motorcycle club (MC)

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