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The Mark of the Beast – enigmatic number “666” accompanies endtimes apocalypse

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666 - The Mark of the Beast


The Bible, written over 2,000 years ago, tells us:

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads.  And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of the beast.  Here is the wisdom.  Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast for it is a human number.  His number is – 666. – Revelation 13:16-18

“666” – the mystical sequence of number that causes shortness of breath and fear in Christian believers.  The sequence of numbers represents one less than perfection (777).  But what does the number predict?  When will it happen?  Could it happen today?

According to the Bible, the mark is to be taken in the hand.  Not on it.  Not around it.  But in it.  Secondly, the verses say you must have the mark to buy and sell.  Finally, the Bible says the application of the mark will involve deception…

Calculating 666

Hebrew language number translation chartWhat does 666 mean and can a name be calculated from it?  Strangely, the answer is a resounding “yes”.  The Hebrew alphabet does not distinguish between characters and numbers like the modern day English alphabet.  For any given letter there is a numerical equivalent.  Using a numerology table, you can calculate a numerical value from a word by adding the value of each letter in the word (click the image for a full size view of the table).  What does “Jesus” calculate to?  888 – one more than perfect (777).

Many believe that the numerical value “666” represents one less than perfect (777) and further support this by noting that “Jesus” totals 888 (one greater than perfect).  Others believe that it represents a numerological value of the Beast’s actual name, his birthplace, or date of birth.

Some claim it’s a representation of some sort of number based system that will be implemented to buy and sell products.  UPC barcodes, when first introduced, caused many to speculate that tagging by the Beast was about to begin.  Decades later – no evil tagging was initiated.  But today, a new method of identification sounds strangely similar to the warnings given in the Bible and many people are beginning to panic.

RFID Technology is Here

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is a new technology somewhat analogous to UPC barcodes but with a very intriguing twist.  It does not require physical scanning but rather transmits identifying information using radio signal waves (hence the name).  Passive RFID tags actually operate without any external power source – astonishingly, their minimum power requirements are so low that they can actually be powered by the radio signal itself.

Will this technology take hold?  Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, has mandated that all its suppliers provide RFID tags on their shipping containers.  If they refuse to tag their items using RFID technology then they’ll lose Wal-Mart as their supplier.

RFID chipA U.S. company, Applied Digital Solutions (ADS), has recently created a chip they refer to as a “sub-dermal credit card”.  Touted as “being chipped”, a chip as small as a grain of sand can be injected into the right arm between the elbow and the shoulder.  ADS foresees a day when ATM cards and credit cards will be replaced by these new devices and is actively seeking partnerships with banking and credit companies to team up and develop commercial applications using the chip.  No longer would a person need to swipe a card to buy or sell goods but would rather simply agree to the business deal and let the RFID technology complete the transaction.  The technology is proven in real world use too – RFID chipping has been used to tag animals, cattle and household pets, for over 10 years now and Exxon is currently using RFID technology attached to key-rings to provide wireless gas station transaction processing.

Applying to the Masses

The technology is here but how could it be forced upon people?  Would the pressure to comply be enough (driver’s licenses are not required but practically everyone has one since it’s needed to drive and to conduct banking transactions).  Or will it simply be aggressively marketed to encourage adoption?  Many in government have begun debating just such a plan.  They point out that by requiring every citizen to accept this digital, embedded method of payment we could eradicate all commerce in illegal activities.  Consider this – with every payment definitively tied to your person and digitally recorded so that the transaction is traceable – how could prostitution, buying and selling of stolen goods, or purchase of illegal drugs be conducted.  Additionally, theft of credit cards and identity theft would be impossible (unless of course, the thief took your entire arm, embedded chip and all, which strangely, is a concern for some).

A means to procure and sell, inserted into the right arm, for the good of the human race.  Will mankind buy into this?

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