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Check out this blast of eerie, bizarre-sounding noise recorded throughout Terrace BC area

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At 7:30 AM on August 29, 2013, residents of Terrace BC Canada awoke to a bizarre cavalcade of earth-shaking noises. Several independent tapes of the eerie-sounding noise have appeared on social media outlets, such as YouTube, and reveal a chorus of unearthly, mind-numbing noises described alternatively as sounding like ghosts wailing, apocalyptic trumpets, or a symphony of out of tune musical instruments. The noise lasted roughly 10 minutes and was followed by several minutes of “rumbling, deep vibrations” (the area was cloudy at the time so this could have been thunder). News outlets reported that the noise could be heard throughout the town of Terrace and as far away as Gitaus.

One resident described what he heard:

“We heard this sound, it sounded to me like someone dragging a dumpster across the pavement.”

Some residents initially thought the sound originated from graders working on city streets near the town’s Sportsplex but others quickly pointed out the impossibility noting that the sound was audible several miles away. One person even reported hearing the sound, through earplugs, three miles away from the city.  Authorities have yet to identify the source of the bizarre burst of sound.

Identical-sounding noises have been reported all over the world in recent years – including Russia, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Many of the previously recorded instances have been reported in tandem with aerial phenomena while others attribute the sounds to the top-secret HAARP program.

You can check out a recording of the strange sound in the video below.

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