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Cool Russian video shows huge, stick-like creature (like Slenderman) scaling side of building.

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Creepy stick figure slinks down building

Worthy of a heart-stopping scene in a good horror film, creepy footage coming out of Russia shows a giant, stick-like creature slinking down the walls of a Russian building in Ulyanovsk. Details on the 45-second video are scant and detractors are claiming it’s nothing more than a well-done CGI clip, but their best evidence presented thus far is that the video is just too freaky to be real (i.e. their eyes cannot believe what they are seeing).

In the video we see a huge, insect-like creature with long, stick-like arms and legs clinging to the side of the building. The creature moves down the building and across a corner before scampering down the other side of the building to the street below. The operator (in Russian) whispers, “Oh, f**k. It’s climbing down. It’s climbing down!” At the end of the video, just before the camera swings away from the building towards the floor, the videographer says, “I think it sees us”.

Analysis of the video reveals that there could be a bit of deviation in the shadowing thrown by the insect-like stick creature but given the low quality of the smartphone video recording and the ambient lighting coming from the building, the street below, and possibly even scattered light from above, it’s difficult to discern whether it’s CGI fabricated or real so we’ll let readers make their own judgment.  Regardless, it’s a haunting video you’re unlikely to forget.

Who is Slenderman?

Sightings of these huge, spider-like stick creatures, many of which bear a resemblance to what has become known variously as “Slenderman” or “Slender Man” (a made-up version of the creature propagated by hoaxer Victor Surge and often attributed to a CreepyPasta forum post), The Operator, Slendy, and The Thin Man, have been reported all across Russia and Europe, particularly in seaside areas.

Slenderman sightings have been reported for hundreds (possibly even thousands) of years, descriptions of which appear similar to early depictions of Spring-Heeled Jack or ancient descriptions of vampire beings (who like the creature in the video, used light and shadow to hide their movements). But alas, a combination of purposeful hoaxing and sketchy sources make the origin of these stick-like creatures difficult to pinpoint. The “made-up” version claims the creature stalks humans to kill while Celtic legend says the creature secreted children away in the middle of the night in order to save them from an impending painful death.  In 2014, two 12-year-old girls attempted to murder a friend in an attempt to gain favor from Slenderman who they felt would protect them.

Disappearances in the area make the video even creepier

Real or imagined, Russian media reported that in the residential area where this video was shot, nine people have disappeared during the last few decades, including two that disappeared in the months preceding the release of the video. The media reports claim that researchers were sent to investigate the sighting and residents were asked to avoid discussing the incident with outsiders.

Check out the video below.

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  1. Seriously, I seen one of these in Lisburn where I lived scared the absolute s**t out of me it was climbing over the house near us and I saw its face very scary was getting a glass of water at 3am and just glanced out of the window when it caught my eye I instantly honed in on it and had eye contact with it for 3-4 seconds. Can still see its face now.

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