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Two-headed dolphin washes ashore in Turkey.

Freakish two-headed dolphin washes ashore in Turkey

Turkish beachgoers received a gruesome surprise last week when the body of a freakish two-headed dolphin washed onto the shore of Izmir on Turkey’s west coast. The two-headed dolphin, which had two heads but merged to share just one tail, was discovered by sports teacher Tugreul Metin who watched in amazement as it washed onto the beach.

“I couldn’t take it in at first – I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.  I’ve never even heard about a dolphin like this let alone seen one with my own eyes.  I was completely shocked.”

Measuring over 3 feet in length, the dead dolphin was believed to be a one-year-old calf. The eyes on one of the dolphin heads had not fully opened and neither head had a blow hole.

Freakish two-headed dolphin washes ashore in Turkey
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