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Houston Chupacabra – cryptozoological creature, mutant crossbreed, or a poor coyote with mange?

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Reports of the Houston Chupacabra have picked up this month with three sightings in the past few weeks and a unique set of tracks turning up along the Buffalo Bayou in the Memorial neighborhood of Houston.  Described as extremely large (much larger than a human) with long pointy ears, long tail, and no fur, Houston animal control officials have been called in to investigate the creature that has been terrorizing citizens of the western Houston community.

With the number of reports and physical evidence presented, officials have no doubt the animal exists and are trying to determine exactly what it is.  Given the reported size of the animal, their best theory so far does not follow the typical “mangy dog” notion but rather, that it is a mutant crossbreed, possibly a cross between a greyhound dog and a wolf created by exotic breeders in an attempt to recreate the so-called-direwolves from the TV show Game of Thrones. Officials say that if that is the case, the animal could be dangerous to humans and pets.

The mysterious legend of a blood sucking Chupacabra creature, said to drink the blood of goats and thus earning its name of “the goat sucker”, was first reported in Puerto Rico in 1994 (read more about Chupacabra history here).  In 2008, a DNA analysis on an alleged Chupacabra specimen conducted by History Channel’s MonsterQuest found it to have a mix of chromosomes shared by coyotes and wolves of Mexico and Texas.

The pictures below were taken by a resident of the Memorial neighborhood who says he has seen the odd creature in his backyard on four different occasions.

Chupacabra footprints discovered in Houston, Texas
Chupacabra photographed in Houston, Texas
Chupacabra photographed in Houston, Texas
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