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More photos and video of UFO over Houston emerge

UFO over Houston - ring of lights spotted by several Houston residents

I originally hesitated before reporting the recent UFO sightings over Houston, Texas but after seeing additional photos and videos of the August 12, 2014, event, decided there was a good chance the object(s) sighted could be more than just reflections on an automobile’s windshield or an errant drone. The brightly lit orbs were sighted over Houston, Texas during the night of August 11 and early morning hours of August 12, 2014. Multiple sources came forward presenting video and photographic evidence of the object(s) that were taken as a thunderstorm moved over the area. Local KPRC-Houston DJ, DJ Nayyz claims he spotted the object while driving home and began tweeting several photos with the caption “UFO over Houston’s east side”. UFO over Houston tweeted by DJ Nayyz Later, a second witness, “Mr. Rastafarian”, posted a snapchat picture on Twitter suggesting the mysterious lights were nothing more than a reflection of highway lamps on the windshield while DJ Nayzz countered with more photos posted to Twitter. UFO over Houston tweeted by DJ NayyzHouston-based musician Andrew Pena shot video of the object as he drove along the Gulf Freeway near Edgebrook at about 8:05 PM. At first, Pena did not notice the object he captured while filming the lightning storm.

Other onlookers told reporters there was another beam of light shooting through the center of the other, smaller lights.

Check out the video below which contains clips from several sources, including the Pena video, with each segment followed by post-processing zooms of the mysterious strange orbs.

Since Monday, several more videos and photographs have emerged taken from various vantage points. Explanations for the UFO so far include the usual guesses – military aircraft, drone (and a very large on at that), windshield or camera lens reflection, and ball lightning top the list.

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