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What’s up with this mysterious video featuring a masked stranger delivering secret codes, GPS coordinates, and encoded instructions to “kill the president”?


A strange cryptographic video began circulating a few days ago. One man found it in his email inbox. Another found it in on a DVD delivered to his postal mailbox and addressed from Poland. Yet another found it on a park bench. Then it appeared on YouTube, posted by “Parker Wright” and titled 11B-X-1371. From there it spread to various boards on the Internet, including a paranormal board on 4chan, where amateur encryption gurus began untangling the myriad of codes, clues, symbols, and masked music embedded throughout the video. Thus far, nobody knows what the intent of the video is but clues therein include the message “you are already dead” hidden within a graphical spectrogram of the background music, the anagram “Kill the President” flashed in Morse Code, and the GPS coordinates of the White House. Hoax, marketing ploy, or real threat to someone or something in the United States?

In the video (embedded below), we see a creepy looking man wearing a black robe and crow’s mask stand there and well, do stuff. In the background, various symbols appear and reappear on the wall while items on the concrete ledge change position. The man flashes various symbols using his hand, a light, and on-screen images. In the audio background, a bizarre barrage of electronic music rolls throughout the video, music which was found to contain steganographic content.

Various clues found on the DVD

The mask the man in the video wears is similar to a mask doctors wore during the black death plague (the beak was filled with herbs intended to ward off the plague).  Below are a collection of solutions to clues that have been discovered thus far.

  • The first DVD delivered via postal mail included what looked like a product key written on the disk. It read “YWEldTAxMDJVJXU wVMFjZ2E=”
  • The man in the video is blinking Morse code with his eyes. Later a light appears in the palm of his hand which also flashes Morse code messages.
  • In the background, on the wall, symbols appear and disappear including the letter “G” wrapped within an eyeball shape.
  • When the soundtrack is run through a spectrogram (which shows the variations in audio frequency over time), various images appear including the message “you are already dead” captioned over a “magic eye” stereogram.
  • At 1:37 in the video, below and to the left in the audio spectrogram are the characters E2-E3 D1-F3 F1-C4 F3xF7. This is a four-move checkmate in chess.
  • The code “33 38 2e 38 39 37 37 30 39 2c 2d 37 37 2e 30 33 36 35 34 33” found within the soundtrack is GPS coordinates 38.897709,-77.036543 which resolves precisely to The White House, W Executive Ave NW, Washington, DC 20502.
  • Images also are found in the audio spectrogram including several photos of a woman being tortured and sexually abused. Pictures in the torture segment include a victim with metal sheers stuck in the abdomen area and another person with signs if genital mutilation.
  • Coded voices have also been found in the soundtrack.
  • For those that obtained the video on DVD, the DVD menu itself also includes several hidden clues including a death mask over what appears to be ASCII encoded text.
  • One Morse code message in the video translates to “RED LIPSLIFE TENTH”.  Replace the “F” with “K” and you have an anagram: “Kill the President”.
  • A Morse code message also contains a binary string which decoded reads, “You have one year or less” in Spanish.
  • A sequence of flashing lights is translated as Morse code for “2015 There will be three”.
  • A sequence of letters written in the Wingdings 3 font is decrypted as “”A ???is on the ris? ??nl join, or y???bll. The viru?h??? too far; i???s?pped. We w??l ? i??t it’s roo? ?????, will bur..”

At this point, it’s impossible to say if the puzzle is some kind of manic artwork, the works of an extremely ambitious serial killer, a test devised by cryptanalytics seeking new talent, a genuine threat, or an incredibly elaborate publicity stunt for a movie (possibly Inferno by Dan Brown) or video game (Half Life 3 maybe).

Check out the full video below. I’ve included some still-frame shots at the end of the video with arrows marking some of the clues discovered thus far.

Check out various still-frames with clues noted in the pictorial gallery below.

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  • xNURV2C
  • UUcEZqv
  • image43
  • image46
  • image47
  • image48
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