Make a Catapult – a real working wooden catapult!


Fling small objects (or tiny people) across the room with this real working wooden catapult model!

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Fling small objects (or tiny people) across the room with this real working wooden catapult model!

Catapults were invented during the Ancient Greek and Roman ages, however our current idea of them is based on the drawings from the great Leonardo di Vinci. Now you can fling small objects (and tiny people) across your room with a real working wooden catapult based on the designs of Leonardo da Vinci. This kit truly brings his sketches into reality. Build the catapult, load and launch small objects, and watch them fly across the room!

Everything you need to build the real working wooden catapult is included: Precut wood pieces and easy to follow instructions. Note though – pay attention to the pictures in the assembly manual. The orientation of the toothed wheel and several of the frame pieces is intentional and critical to it going together correctly.

Looking to improve Leonard’s wooden catapult design?

  1. Use wood glue instead of the included white glue to glue the catapult’s pieces together.
  2. Use thin hemp twine instead of the included white twine for the catapult’s rope.
  3. Sealed the wood with Tung oil after assembly (do this after assembly or the glue will not hold).
  4. Move the loop on the holding-chock to the top, away from the catapult’s axis of movement. This makes it easier to pull the catapult’s cable.

Or try this variation.

  1. Sanded the wood to make it smoother.
  2. Stained the wood with a light color and let it dry before assembly.
  3. Apply graphite to the catapult axles where they spin in the wood. You can use graphite 8B pencils. This works far better than graphite powder.

Real Working Wooden Catapult Product Details:

  • Easy to follow instructions | Build a working catapult in an hour
  • Precut wood pieces for easy assembly
  • These are treats for anyone with a flair for building fantastic things or storming castles
  • Fling objects over 15 feet!
  • Ages 14+

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