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Group of men beat MMA fighter senseless after fighter slaps their female friend in the head

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A Brazilian MMA fighter was taught a lesson in honor and respect after a group of angry men beat the MMA fighter for striking their female friend in the head. Reports of the incident are conflicting. One report claims the MMA fighter pressed his crotch into the woman prompting her to chew him out. Other reports indicate the woman was standing idly in line not aware that she was holding things up. When the MMA fighter asked her to move, the woman spouted an insult. Either way, the MMA fighter’s response was to slap the woman in the back of the head and move towards her in a threatening manner.

The woman left the store and told her friends, who were waiting outside, what had happened. Several of the woman’s friends quickly entered the store and confronted the MMA fighter. A fight broke out which later moved to the parking lot. One man beat the MMA fighter with a stick until the fighter was eventually knocked unconscious. The men continued to hit and kick the MMA fighter as he lay unconscious on the ground. Most of the incident was caught on film and the video posted on YouTube.

The MMA fighter was admitted to the hospital in critical condition but survived the attack. The fighter is expected to recover although his ego may suffer long-term damage.

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