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Ultra-fast UFO caught on dashcam video by award-winning astro-photographers in Darwin, Australia

hi speed multi colored ufo caught on dashcam video in darwin australia closeup
Hi-speed multi-colored UFO caught on dashcam video in Darwin, Australia closeup

Two award-winning astro-photographers report capturing video of an ultra-fast Fastwalker UFO screaming across the sky in Darwin, Australia. The couple, Paul and Sylvia Mayo, have 30-years’ worth of astrophotography under their belts and say they are “baffled by the sight” which took place on June 12, 2015, at 1:00 AM as they pulled into a gas station in Darwin, the capital of city of Australia’s Northern Territory.

The couple say at first, they thought nothing of the object streaking across the sky until they realized the unbelievably high rate of speed it was travelling. The couple returned home and posted the video on YouTube with the comment:

“We were leaving the Caltex service station at Berrimah in Darwin NT when our dash-cam captured a super-fast object moving through the sky – is it a UFO?”

The couple took stills from the video which showed a brightly lit, multi-colored object.

“It looked like a string of colored pearls shooting through the sky.”

Originally the couple considered the object to be a reflection from their automobile windshield and didn’t think much about it.

“My wife and I both saw the object shoot across the sky, and the next day we looked at the video footage from our dash cam to see if it had recorded the object and were delighted to see that it had.  We were puzzled at the time to explain what it was, but being the busy people we are, put it aside and didn’t think that much more about it, particularly since we’re both UFO skeptics.”

After further examination of the video, they dismissed the object as a reflection because of the object’s speed compared to the apparent movement of other reflections on the automobile’s windshield.  Besides, careful examination of the video showed the object passed *behind* a pole – a reflection would not do that.  They eliminated other natural phenomena too.

“Being lifelong amateur astronomers and astrophotographers, we know what a shooting star looks like, what an aircraft looks like, how fast an aircraft moves, what a satellite looks like, what the International Space Station looks like, but the object on our footage didn’t fit any of these airborne objects.”

When they grabbed single frame images from the video, they found the object looked like nothing they had seen before.  Mr. Mayo told reporters,

“We sat there gobsmacked, looking at this image of what looked like a string of colored pearls.  We’re switched on people, we have long careers in IT. But this video, I cannot explain it.”

Check out the video below.  I’ve added post processing slo-mo and zooms (which admittedly, don’t help much given the UFO’s high rate of speed).

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