Tegra 4 leak hints at 72-core graphics chip in next generation mobile processor

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Chinese website, Chip Hell, has leaked what could be the specs of Nvidia’s next-generation Tegra processor, codenamed “Wayne” (following Nvidia’s superhero naming scheme). If the leak is true, Qualcomm and Samsung better stay on their toes. The Tegra 4 will apparently follow the same 28nm process (battery saving) as its rivals and according to the…

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More reports that Apple is working on Apple-branded TV prototypes

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They are. They aren’t More reports come in today that Apple is working with Asian suppliers to create a new Apple branded TV set. Excitement is high because Steve Jobs had previously stated that Apple had finally cracked the code for a television OS that was as clean and simple as the iPhone. Reportedly, several…

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Say hello to UEFI, the new computer BIOS for the next decade

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UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) is a boot level program that will replace the BIOS on computers made from this date forward. UEFI defines the software interface between the operating system and platform firmware. It resides in non-volatile memory on the motherboard (or on the hard drive or a network drive) and initializes the computer…

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